About Us

Who is Ticos Airways Virtual (vCRA)?

Ticos Airways Virtual (vCRA) is a virtual airline developed to simulate the operations of an airline. It is an association of fans and lovers of Flight Simulator and is unrelated to any real airline.

Our team is focused and willing to do whatever we need to do to make this airline a success! We do not settle for average, and are always searching for new ways to improve ourselves and the airline

In December 2014 vCRA received the VATSIM certification as an approved virtual airline, besides; in March 2015 we received an approved to be a partner of VATSIM Colombia.

Foundation: August 2014.

virtualCRA Partners

Check out our partner organizations that share the same passion for aviation as us!. Those who work with us include:

VATSIM VA Partner VATCA VA Partner simbrief VA Partner

Total flights


117 flights this month

Total miles flown


57,026 miles this month

Total hours


3,731 hours this month

Total pilots


7 active this month