virtualCRA Team Members

Meet our experienced team of aviation enthusiasts and professionals.

Jose Gonzalez

CEO & Founder

Responsible for all Administrative Team members, liaisons with other virtual Airline and representation as an ambassador for communications. The CEO has sole ability to provide or deny exceptions to

Johnsell Soto

Vice Chief Executive Officer (V-CEO)

- Assume all responsibilities of the CEO when he is not present. - Oversees day a to day operations within the airline. - Other responsibilities include website upkeep maintenance, check PIREPs, e

Leopoldo Machuca

Chief Operating Officer (COO)


-Responsible for the appointment and removal of general members of the rooster, and coordination between Administrative Team members of all levels. - Oversees day a to day operations within the airl

Steven Gonzalez

Chief of Pilots & Network Training (COP)

- Responsible for the continued competency and progression of pilots within the airline. - Oversees the VATSIM ATO Training Program. - Responsible of conflicts resolution in coordination with COO.

Adrian Cruz

Human Resources Manager (RRHH)

- Responsible for coordination between Administrative Team members and pilots and pilot assistance. - Responsible for maintain a healthy atmosphere for all; RRHH has full sole authority to execute a

Mauricio Vargas

President of Routing and Marketing (PRM)

- Responsible for maintaining route accuracy in accordance with the pilots real needs. - Responsible for vCRA expansion both within social media and other public venues, also responsible for securi

Federico Navarro

Administrative Team

Assist in all requirements of the Administrative Team